Monitor & Evaluate Your Day-To-Day Life Circumstances
[For Conduciveness To Authenticity, Social Health, Emotional Well-Being, & Goal-Attainment]

Organize Your Thoughts About Your Circumstances

Focus Your Attention & Prioritize Problem-Solving Schedule

Verbally Process Frustrating & Confusing Social Situations & Life Events

Trouble-Shoot Tough Situations

Brainstorm Ideas & Potential Solutions To Problems

Develop A Vision For The Future & A Plan For Actualizing It

Be Encouraged To Take Action-Steps Toward Actualizing Your Vision

Develop The Knowledge, Habits, Skills & Values You'll Need To Awesomize Your Life

Be Validated When You Run Into Obstacles & Opposition

Be Prompted To Get Back On Track When You Start To Deviate From Your Plan

Be Applauded When You Achieve Goals

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